Nice to meet you! I’m Ryan.

Understanding and solving customer/human problems is fascinating. I was watching the documentary, “The Social Dilemma“, and something they quoted made me reconsider my role as a UX designer with something they quoted:

”There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.”

The Social Dilemma_

As designers, we can directly impact the lives of the people who use the products we create. We should be listening, observing and showing true empathy. Having a balance between business needs and customer needs is tricky, but the outcomes can be fantastic!

My experience

For most of my career, I lived and breathed front-end web design — HTML and CSS, and over the years, I have worked on projects ranging from web UI design for a pizza delivery web app, to UX for banking in South Africa, which includes online live chat services and enhancements to authentication and verification systems, both in-branch and digital.

I am currently a Product Design Lead on the Nedbank ID team, where we have taken on the challenge of enhancing the security and verification experience for Nedbank’s online banking and Money app.

Here are some other places I’ve been:

  • Kinga – Product Design Lead at Nedbank
  • Kinga – CX Specialist at Nedbank
  • Absa – UX / Product Design Lead
  • Scoresby Interactive – UX Designer
  • VentureWeb – Digital Project Manager
  • Freelance – Web / UI / Graphic Design
  • Clyral – UI Designer
  • Dataworld – Web Designer
  • Printhouse – Graphic Designer & Print Manager
  • Maxima Software – Web Designer

For two years, I focused on the customer experience at Nedbank, creating journey maps, conducting user research, and facilitating design thinking workshops and consulting on the general user experience for multiple projects.

I really love what I do! I get to work with some really amazing designer-type people. 🤙🏼

During my spare time, I also mentor UX and UI students, guiding them as they work on projects for their portfolios.

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