Hello, I’m Ryan

For most of my career, I lived and breathed front-end web design — HTML and CSS, while working as a UI designer. 

I am a User Experience Designer. I have worked on projects ranging from the web UI for a pizza delivery web app, to the UX for banking apps and online live chat services. I now focus on customer experience, creating journey maps, conducting user research, and facilitating design thinking workshops. I like asking, “Why?”

really love what I do! I get to work with some really amazing designers. 🤙🏼

In my spare time, I mentor UX and UI students, guiding them as they work on projects for their portfolios.

My Experience

Currently carving out great customer experiences at Nedbank for their live chat and chatbot interactions; also refining the client journeys for account acquisitions on the Nedbank MoneyApp.
Here are some other places I’ve been:

  • Kinga – CX Specialist at Nedbank
  • Absa – UX / Product Design Lead
  • Scoresby Interactive – UX Designer
  • BT Solutions – Team Lead
  • VentureWeb – Digital Project Manager
  • Freelance – Web / UI / Graphic Design
  • Clyral – UI Designer
  • Dataworld – Web Designer

My Skills & Tools

  • User interviews for qualitative analysis
  • Design workshop facilitation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • UX Interaction flows
  • Working in Agile teams
  • UI design
  • Sketch
  • inVision
  • Abstract
  • HTML / CSS (Web design)
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Get In Touch

I also dabble in digital fine art.